About Us

Started in 1983 from the trunk of a car, the Cupboard moved to the basement of the old St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on St. Croix Street.  It is presently located in the lower level of St. Patrick’s Church at 1500 Vine Street in Hudson.

All staffing is done by volunteers from 12 churches. Each church coordinates all the needs of the Food Cupboard from making appointments, helping families shop, restocking the shelves or sweeping the floor. Any donated money is used to buy food or personal items that are not donated, such as meats, eggs, cheese, laundry soap and toothpaste.

Discover helping hands and hope at the Hudson Food Cupboard

Our Purpose

To participate with other churches in the Hudson community to operate the Hudson Food Cupboard.  To allow individuals and families in Hudson and surrounding communities to grocery shop twice per month free of charge without judgement or criticism.

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